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2 days/week- A/B workout sounds good for me. That way i can be consistent, move a workout from one day to another, according to job and other obligations...but i'm quite lost with some basic principles:

-work up to a top set/as much rep as possible ? add back off set ? why ?
is ONLY ONE TOP SET really that productive ?
-multiple sets accross ? like 3X5: but first set is easy, second set harder, 3d set really hard.. then why not maxing on reps right from the first set ?

and also about cycling effort:
-Wendler says to start light and add weight progressively...OK but it is always "as much rep as possible" so intensity is cycled, but intensiveness is not ?
-McRobert or Starting strength say to use a target rep count, take it easy on the first workouts then work harder until plateau...working like that i feel like the first workout serve nothing, and i plateau at the same weight each time

and last about food:
really, I CAN'T arrange to eat solid meals 4/6 times a day, I DO NOT have time. is MILK in large amount a so good supplementation, i have one to 2 quarts of whole milk a day on top of 2/3 solid meals, lunch and dinner being the biggest.

i'm visiting the Forum, but it is very dense, with lot of threads. Am i supposed to try to find some info in there, or can i just ask some questions in new threads ?


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