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Hi all, Hi BBOD,

I'm 38, startded lifting weights at 20 and never really quit for long, but also was never consistent enough to make good progress, while i'm still motivated, wich is kind of creazy if you think about my lake of strenght and mass compared to the years involved !
I read a lot about boydbuilding and found some sense in guys like Stuart McRobert, Mike Mentzer, Jim wendler, and every other guys who are in the "less is more" and "get strong to get big" thing, but i was never really able to apply the methodology, or at least make it work for me.
Nowadays i train at home in my garage with only a power rack and bars. I didn't do anything else than abbreviated workouts using Squat, deadlift, bench, press, rows, pull ups, and dips for at least 3 years, but am still ridiculously weak (and light) !

I'm currently 5.10 and 170 pounds.
I never went higher than
-squat: 265X5
-bench: 170X5
-press: 100X5
-deadlift: 300X5

BBOD, I saw your Videos on youtube, and felt really connected to your thinking, that's why i'm here today.

I'll soon post some questions...
any advise is welcome

note: I'm French, so please excuse me for my bad english


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