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Originally Posted by James_Fuller View Post
doing them twice a week is fine. but not max effort both times. max effort and then a dynamic or reps day would be fine.
This week I did 1 day Max effort and one a bit less wih a couple more reps as you suggest here, but it was wicked and I feel better doing it!

Originally Posted by Mrinda87 View Post
Well there are a handful of successful programs doing squats 3x a week and some kind of press 3 times a week as well. I guess they are more for newer lifters but there are advancedlifters who do full body routines three times a week as well.
3x a week is crazy, with basketball I think that would be too much for me, but would that be things like 5 x 5 and 5/3/1?

Originally Posted by Davis View Post
If you're using relatively light weights, there is no reason you can't be able to go max effort on all of them twice a week. Try it out.
I shall, I'd rather go Max effort but concerned on my recovery with basketball too, though hopefully my BCAA's, foam rolling and stretching will come in to play a little and help me with that!

Originally Posted by linedriver465 View Post
Nothing wrong with high frequency power movements - just keep the volume in check.
Shall do, thank you!

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Squats and bench work better multiple times per week, but you have to keep the daily volume in check.

I found little benefit to deadlifting multiple times per week.

There is a balance between volume, intensity and frequency that must be found for each lifter.
I think with hooping, squatting and benching, deadlifting more than once a week would finish me off, so I'll stick without it and just do it once.

Thanks for the response BTB, I'll stick to Bench and Squat twice a week. If I could bench more I probably would as mine SUCKS lol, but I'm going to take it slow and be sensible. I'll experiment with my volume and such and see where I get!

Originally Posted by afraziaaaa View Post
I often squat and bench twice per week, one light one heavy. I have made good progress that way. I can only handle deadlifting once per week though, and I usually alternate light and heavy weeks otherwise its just too taxing.
I did that last week and felt good, so I think that's what I will stick with to be honest! I love deadlifting but it takes so much out of me!

Originally Posted by J_Byrd View Post
My advice would be this. I could never find a decent blend of the two, just never worked for me. With that said there are lots of people and tons of programs that follow a multiple time per week set up.
I guess some it does and some it doesn't, but thank you for your feedback. I'm going to feel it out and see how we get on!

Originally Posted by Shorts View Post
I echo the words of JB and BTB on this one.

Another option is to switch the movments up. If you're pressing twice a week, do regular incline or for squats front/back or high bar/low bar. May allow you to switch it up and keep up your intensity.

Listen to your body and be aware of the additional volume you're adding in and you'll be good to go.
That's not a bad idea actually! I think I might have one day where I back squat and one where I front squat. I enjoy Front Squatting, so that'd be fun too.

I definitely do listen to my body. Right now I have a muscle pull in my lower back / hip area off of a TINY movement, but despite my mind screaming at me saying I need to work cause others are, I'm resting. I'm learning to do this a lot more, and though it drives me crazy it really does help!

Thanks for the response dude!
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