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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Just know that squats are almost always weaker than deadlifts.

Can you post where your squat numbers were exactly one year ago today. Find an old training log. I like to look at exact numbers.

Post a video if you can, maybe I can point out a few things.

What is your current height, weight and age? And where was your weight exactly one year ago?

And tell me how many calories and grams of protein you intake minimum each day.
Thanks Steve, my squat max a year ago was 275lbs (so literally has not moved although tech has improved and can now hit proper depth) but with very bad tech and a tad high. My weight then was about 155lbs.

My current weight is 151lbs, Im 5'9 and 26 (I dropped some weight for a meet a few months ago, gained strength despite the weight drop). Currently bulking on 3000 cals and taking in about 110g-120g protein a day, maybe more but I just make sure I get a minimum of 100g and stop counting after that

I tried posting a link to a youtube vid but it wont let me until I have a certain amount of posts

Thanks for taking the time to help me Steve.
Bench: 90kg / 200lbs Goal: 102.5kg / 225lbs
Squat: 125kg / 275lbs Goal: 140kg / 315lbs
Deadlift: 195kg / 430lbs Goal: 200kg / 441lbs

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