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Default Density and Strength 4 day split

Hi Steve,
I'm thinking about starting your D&S 4 day split, but i'm a little confused because i'm 100% natural, and from other information i've seen recently, someone who is a natural lifter should be working each body part at least twice a week for optimal gains. Apparently any muscle worked should be fully recovered after 48 hours, so training, chest for instance, once a week would not be optimal. What's your take on this?
I've recently tried a full body routine, but it doesn't suit me, because as johnny candito says, it's better to do deads and squats on their own day separate from bench to help with focus.
My routine at the moment is like this:


Bench Heavy 10x3 (80k-176lbs)
One arm Dumbbell Rows
Standing OHP
Chest/Triceps Dips


Squats Heavy (110k-242lbs)
Deficit/Romanian Deadlifts (135k-297lbs)
Neutral close grip weighted pull-ups
Heavy Barbell Curls 10x3
Ab rollers

Wednesday Rest

Thursday Rest


Bench 5x5-10 (75k-165lbs) Drop to 55k-121lbs for 1x15-20
Pull-ups Weighted/Bodyweight
Standing Behind the neck press
Chest/Triceps dips


Deadlifts 5x5 (155k-341lbs)
Paused Squats (90k-198lbs)
Neutral close grip pull-ups 5x20
Heavy Barbell curls
Ab rollers

Sunday Rest

I'm 45yrs old and 82k/180lbs. Been lifting for 2 years , but only 1 year properly with big compound movements.
I've been getting good gains with squats, OHP and deads, just ok with bench.
I don't like long waiting times between sets, so short rest periods suit me.
If you could clear up the confusion i have about natural lifting and body part training frequency, that would be really appreciated, as i really like the look of this program. Thanks, mark
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