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Default Possible to run Wendler 531 as an ABA program?

Would like some input on the feasibility of running Wendler as an ABA as presented below:

A workout

Military 531 sets
Deadlift 531 sets

B workout

Squat 531
Bench press 531

I was thinking to finish an entire cycle in two weeks (ABABAB) minus deloads (for a while). I know some may (rightfully) frown at this but I am still relatively weak and believe I can run quite a few cycles before stalling: I am 5ft 9 inchesat a body weight of 100kg and my next wendler cycle- which is my second- I would be doing military @ 59tm, dl @ 137.5tm, bp @ 92.5tm and squat@ 95tm; it would take another 3-5 cycles to reach my 'true' lower body TMs and about 6 for my upper body lifts.

Would such an approach be a viable alternative for a late beginner/early intermediate as opposed to going totally linear with SS? Has anybody done 531 as an ABA program?

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