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I realize this is an old thread, but write this in the hopes, someone will benefit.

Over the counter fat loss products (or different types of foods stated by some to aide fat loss), are designed (in some cases by marketers) to manipulate the consumers personal senses; it goes to the very core in what the potential buyer is trying to manipulate. And, this sells products.

And, in the marketing sense, this works and is a powerful manipulative force to one that doesn’t look at these products through: Educated Eyes.

While most persons in the know, will manipulate their dietary contents (calories/macros), and then adjoin a OTC product/food, etc (that actually will provide a benefit, which are very few, by the way), because they "know" that they first must adjust their dietary perimeters, before any OTC can be beneficial, and it isn't popping a pill or eating a type of food and watching the fat loss show as you sit on the couch munching Dorito's.

The miracle worker is manipulating your diet logistics, calories, macros, and adapting these to your bodily feed back you obtain.

However, the general public has a disease. And, this disease is not getting "properly" educated and not seeing this bull-shit and allowing it to stink up their mind.

Additionally, some don't take the time to thoroughly educate their selves in what they plan to participate in, and in the process don't self examine their selves through the view of education of their own body.

Throughout the day, the body juggles a "balancing act" according to its design. If this is "disrupted" or "abnormal" in some biological or hormonal fashion, then one "should" seek medical assistance if the body is proving to be inefficient in its traditional processes. Its simply a medical necessity.

Otherwise, all one needs is: Proper food, proper activity, water, and a properly connected and educated mind and body.

One should understand the "concepts" of energy balance; think of your body as a vehicle that operates 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.

You would never expect your car to get you from one place to the next without systematic refueling, just as you know there's no point in putting more gas in the tank than it's designed to hold. The hand/mind coordination is in control on whether one over fills the fuel tank, as the vehicle has no mind what so-ever.

The body is no different: Get over it. OTC or certain types of foods will only aide your cause, if you manipulate basic dietary components and activity. Geesh, it is that simple.

If you over fill your vehicle's gas tank, it spills over on the concrete and gets on your exterior paint (fat storage/some muscle repair and rebuild, and other energy expensive operations).

Once its full (glucose storage/excess calories), how this fuel is processed (and thus the mileage you obtain) will depend on the health and efficiency of the engine the vehicle is "powered" from and the other mechanical (biological) parts that are involved in the process of movement and motion.

The younger it is (or closer to new) the more it seems to "tolerate"; the more it advanced in age (and mileage it obtains) it tends to lose some power and efficiency (but it can be effectively dealt with).

Though out this process, the most important issue is: "Educated Maintenance".

"Proper" maintenance of your personal vehicle.

Like vehicles, some bodies can tolerate lack of maintenance or improper maintenance for long periods, while with others it cannot be tolerated. And, if you depend on this vehicle to get you to school/work, lack of maintenance or improper maintenance is going to catch up with you one day. And, if you "depend on your body's health to carry you through life" improper maintenance or lack of maintenance will likewise catch up with you.

The difference?

You can always get another vehicle. You only have one body to carry you through life; it is a one shot arrangement.

You muck it up, you just might not be able to fix it.

A lifestyle change, physical activity, correct and proper education, and calorie/macro nutrient manipulation are your thermogenic (or fat burner if you will).

The human body is designed to eat and perform physical activity; I think this is a rather safe and obvious fact.

How one manipulates these base facts (calories, Macros), how one manipulates "choice" within their personal operating environment (life style), and react to the corresponding body reaction and adaption, will determine the quality of the results. It does not and will not boil down to one type of food product, but the overall circumference of the diet and how this is manipulated.

1. Amount of calories (how one is manipulating them), 2. Possible manipulation of Macro-nutrients, 3. A decrease/increase in intensity/progression and type and timing of fitness activities (weight training and/or cardio), 4. And, making some hard and "sometimes difficult" choices supported by being educated in items 1 through 3, dependent on the fitness goal position (like trying to remove the last bit of lower ab fat, that I term the body's preventive starvation fat, and is one reason it "can be difficult to remove".

Your Thermogenic is being educated in items 1 through 4.

It is not in a pill. You walk in your Fat Burner Pill: Your Body.

Do not be foolish and look to an over-the-counter fat loss pill or food products as a miracle worker

Look to yourself…….and education for the absolute win.

This is all you will ever need.

Now, start ROCKEN-OUT…….with education.

Off to train. Just one early morning among the many I have done, and continue to do. And, many more to come.

Best wishes

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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