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Thanks guys. I decided to combine my max bench and max squat sessions today. I don't prefer to do this, but I was training with a guy from work and I've got a lot to do this weekend.

I did more reverse band stuff and more PMT for squat.

45x a bunch

Reverse band bench-

225x4 (Post injury PR, but it did hurt a little in the shoulder)

There was little/no band assistance at the top of these lifts, but the band was doubled up and took up quite a bit of the weight at the bottom, probably around 100lb. I've already talked about how much I love reverse band work, and this was no exception. The bands were set up perfectly for what I wanted, because the top of the lift was just a little tougher than the bottom. I wanted it this way to protect my shoulder and help develop my weaker triceps.


Partial pin squats (position 10)-

This worked out exactly as I had hoped. These partials absolutely destroy me and take every ounce of effort I have. The lighter dynamic/bodybuilding sessions mid week help me get a little extra work in while still letting me recover for 1 heavy lower body session each week. Last time I did partial squats I struggles with 405x5. Today with the same weight and the same depth I could have popped off sets of 5 all day with little effort. I've definitely adapted to this depth. Unfortunately, this means it's time to drop down to the next pin position.

Well, I should day unfortunately. The point, after all, is to continue to drop the pins and continue to get stronger, but the deeper these pins get the less enjoyable the sessions are.

I KNOW I'm getting stronger. I have to be. A month ago I couldn't squat 365. I got absolutely pinned. I think after another month or two of this training 365 won't be a problem, and hopefully I'll be closer to 400.

The guy I trained with is lean and tall. Turns out he's also naturally strong as hell. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty jealous. I told him that if he let me couch him and change his form he'd be benching 315+ soon with no problem. Hopefully he takes me up on it, but I've been in this position before and things never pan out, so I'm not going to get my hopes up.

He really enjoyed the weirder methods I use. Some might call them gimmicks, but hard work is hard work and heavy is heavy. If I use bands and partials but still lift my ass off then I'm still getting stronger, and maybe doing it even faster than someone using more traditional methods.

In the end, I still use progression. Most people who do gimmicky workouts do it to avoid hard work, and they neglect progression. No one can say I do either.
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