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Originally Posted by Soldier View Post
Lately I've been looking into guns. I'm planning to buy and carry a handgun after I get my tax refund. While I was researching, a light bulb came on over my head. There are so many guns designed specifically for carrying, and tons of companies that design holsters just for concealing weapons. That means that every day while I walk around I'm passing tons of people who are armed.

I'm not sure how I feel about this, to be honest. I've had a little tactical training. I also know that getting a little training in something usually means someone knows just enough to get them in trouble, and in a situation that involves guns, if you get in trouble, EVERYONE is in trouble.

But most people who carry guns have plenty of training in gun operation. Unfortunately, operating a gun isn't the most important aspect of carrying a gun. Knowing how to change a mag or correctly clear a weapon doesn't mean you're going to have the situational awareness to know that the .45 ACP rounds coming out of your 1911 might go right through that bad guy and into the little girl 20ft behind him. Even little things like looking around corners can make all the difference in a tactical situation (For the record, if you need to look around a corner and you think there might be a bad guy, get down on the ground and poke your head around really low. If someone is waiting to shoot you they'll be looking/aiming at normal head level, and they won't be able to react quickly enough).

I feel that I would be more prepared than most if something did happen, which is actually a scary thought because like I said, I know just enough to get me in trouble.

But I want to be prepared. If something happens, I want to be the one reacting instead of relying on someone else to react.

My wife also wants to carry. My god, we're all in trouble.
Concealed carry, tactical training and situational awareness are all part of the legal self defense puzzle, as you touched on. But Knowledge of the law is an equally important piece.
Why are you interested in self defense? Most people would answer something along the lines of to protect myself, my family, loved ones, etc.
Well, carrying a firearm is a liablility. A liability that when used incorrectly can land you in court or in jail. If one's goal is to protect themselves or as in your case your wife, then why would one put themselves at risk of expensive and stressful legal battles or at risk of losing their freedom? If one is in jail, they are not protecting nor are they providing for their family.
Know the laws in your city and state as they pertain to your concealed carry and your rights to self defense. Know when it is justified to shoot and when it is not. Do not leave it up to chance.
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