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Results (Start/End):
Bench: 295x4/315x5
Squat: 455x1/ Not sure here really, but I'm confident I could do 455 for 3-5 now.
One arm DB rows: 100x10/150x10
WT: 185/195

I began logging D-Pol and Condense on Oct 8th. At that time I was 185 benching 295x4 and squatting 405x5. After a couple weeks of D-Pol/Condense my strength had remained constant and and my weight was finally moving up. I usually have tons of stomach problems with preworkouts and I have to be careful how I take them, what food I've eaten, etc. With condense I never had to worry. 10 minutes before workout and I was good to go with 0 problems. On the days I didn't feel like working out Condense picked me up and lit the fire I usually have. On days that I already felt good there was absolutely no stopping me.
D-Pol has given me a more alpha state of mind, without aggression. Confidence has increased as well as decreasing my usually high anxiety. My body composition has become more full and harder.

Main takeaways:

*Mood: 8/10 You will feel like an alpha male. Confidence increase and anxiety effected me less and less.
*Energy: 7/10 Wouldn't say it gave me a huge boost, but I'm sure it carried me along some days.
*Libido: 10/10 D-Pol shines here. I'm only 20 and this stuff makes me go insane.
*Hardness/Fullness: 9/10 I gained 10 pounds and have hardly gained any noticeable fat. Muscles have a more pronounced appearance.

*Pump: 9/10 Pumps were incredible. It wasn't an in your face you can't bend your arms or do daily tasks; it was a continual effect that lasted for hours. Vascularity was also present along with the pump.
*Energy: 10/10 Working out for an hour and a half is absolutely no problem with condense. Any type of heavy training never left me beat.
*Endurance: 10/10 My workouts usually fell off towards the end, but with Condense I lasted long enough to push everything to the limit.
*Strength: 10/10 From the results above you can definitely tell that I am pleased with these results. I know it isn't just from the Condense alone that caused those increases, but it allowed me to push myself harder and push past my limits.

D-Pol final score: 8/10
Condense final score: 10/10 No other preworkout can hold a candle to this. (Not counting those with DMAA as I have never tried one)

If you are looking for a simple, no BS kind of pre workout then this is perfect. You know exactly what you are getting.

I've fallen so far in love with this product that I've already received my 2nd tub of each.

My thanks goes out to Randoja and the Purus Labs team for giving me the opportunity to log this product. I look forward to trying out any of the products that they produce. Solid products with real results.

"Consider the game changed"
"...I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds." - Henry Rollins

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