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Originally Posted by swoleramon View Post
Walking is my favorite form of cardio.
Mine too. It helped that it was a gorgeous day. Low to mid 70's. No humidity.

Originally Posted by RickB View Post
Subscribed! Great start on the log!
Subscribed? SUBSCRIBED?
I am truly humbled. Thank you.

Thursday, 9/3/09

Gads! What a zoo. I absolutely hate the gym around 4:30 or 5:00. Everybody's there. Meatheads too. High School kids. Old farts. Fat broads. I usually lift mid-evening. After dinner. The place is much quieter. I rarely have to wait for equipment. As such it took me about 45 minutes to do a normal 25 minute workout. I busted my ass on every lift - literally. There's a crack in it. I've never felt so trashed after a leg workout. I'm gonna dread tomorrow...and the next day...and the next day...


Work sets only. To 10 or utter failure, whichever comes first.

Smith Squat (275x5/3/2) - I had planned on doing 225, but I got eight easy reps at that weight. So I slapped on a couple of quarters. By the way, I know that the Smith Machine actually deducts some weight from the lift. On the machine at my gym, the bar only weighs 15 pounds. It hurts my head too much to do that math. I just pretend that the weights are normal. All this is about to go out the window soon, because they are getting a new Smith to replace this one.

Leg Press (550x10) - I gutted out the last two reps. I was working in with some dude, and I didn't want to do a rest/pause and have him start stripping or adding weight. I keep my feet fairly close together and lower on the deck on this one. Next leg workout I do what I call a Sumo Leg Press (feet wider apart ond toes nearly off the deck).

Leg Extension (130x6/2/2) - This is about the only exercise that I do a true lockout on. I really cooked them this time. I could hardly walk, but I had to, because my next exercise was...

Smith SLDL (300x10) - Alright, I have to admit. I strapped in for this one. Is that wrong? When I got through, I felt that my hams and back had worked, but could have finished the set. I guess I would rather not have my grip be the limiting factor on a leg exercise. If I wouldn't have used the straps, I might have had to rest/pause, but not because of failure in the target muscle. What say you? I welcome comments on this.

Prone Leg Curl (100x9) - I just couldn't "squeeze" the tenth rep. Not even after a brief rest. Oh well, nobody's perfect.

My weights were way too light on almost everything. Truth be told, the last time I performed THIS PARTICULAR workout was a couple of weeks ago. At that time I was just coming off a lay off and was using my previous weights but not going to failure. I need to fine tune my weight selection, but not get too carried away.

I don't know about my next workout (Back). Mrs. valsalva and I are taking the kids on our first ever family vacation this weekend. I'll take my gym bag along just in case there is a Gold's or something nearby. But I'm not going to force the issue. If it happens, it happens. The trouble is my gym is closed on Monday so I might not be able to get another one in until Tuesday. We'll see.

This might be the big "sign off" until we get back. I don't know if there's any free internet access.


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