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Final Review

Well after 2 months, I ran out of my second here are my final thoughts:


Taste: Pills, so I cannot comment on the taste, I prefer powder, but they were complimenatsry so I cant complain.

Effectiveness:....first time I ever took a T-Booster, so I was not sure what to look for, or expect. I felt great the 2 months, libito was up...not bad for an old man like me (50 yrs old) Mrs Moeheep liked it anyway...she even asked me if I was gonna keep taking it.....and this might sound weird....but in the gym...I FELT strong....I dont know it the D-Pol caused that or if it was in my mind....but, like I said, when I was lifting, I felt strong.


Taste: Apple flavor...I loved the taste, and most PWO's I have tried tasted terrible, I would have to mix it with a crystal light just to get it down. I would drink it on the ride home from work, and I actually looked foward to it. It was nice and cold when I drank it, and the crisp apple flavor was very refreshing.

What can I say, I LOVE Condense, it is now my favorite supp.

Vascularity: For the first time ever, I could see the big vein in my bicep when I worked out. Veins in my legs and forearms were huge.

Tingle: 1.5 scoop days (Deads and squats) I felt the tingle, but no enough to be annoying. 1 scoop days ( bench and aux day) I did not feel the tingle....but either way, the tingle is not that important to me.

Focus: GREAT!!! I was focused and extremly driven during my workouts.

Endless tank of GAS: This was the best part for me...I did some MARATHON sessions...paticularly on deadlift days....and I NEVER ran out of gas, it was like I could keep going and going. THAT right there is reason enough for me to keep using Condense. I had to end my sessions because of muscle fatigue....just had no strength left, never because of lack of energy...I could have switched body parts and kept going.
Also, it never kept me up at night, which I valued a lot also.

Overall Rating:
10 / 10
I highly recommend this D-Pol / Condense stack to everyone. I am not exaggerating when I say they are now my favorite supps!

Thanks again to Randoja for introducing them to me!
Best Gym Lifts...Dosen't matter....they don't count!

Best Meet Lifts:
Squat = 330
Bench = 215
Dead = 375
Total = 904

The iron is there during my times of happiness, sadness and anger. The iron is there available through the 4 seasons and inclement weather. The iron is there to either comfort me or motivate me. The Iron manages to show me how strong I am or how humble I need to be. The iron does not yell, but it always demands respect. The iron is not a disciplinarian, but when disrespected, I feel it for a long time. The iron does not love or hate, but we definitely share a strong bond. And no matter how far I stay away or for how long, the iron is there, waiting to be lifted.
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