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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Looking at your pics Trig it looks like you have quite a bit of muscle. Naturally you can't expect to gain much more than 5-10 pounds. This could take 3-5 years, and will come slow.

What I would suggest is:

1) Taking measurements so you can monitor all body changes.
2) Setting up a lean bulk eating plan; something you can live with for 2-3 years.
3) Focusing on getting as strong as possible on the quality exercises.

If you need a change of pace as far as routine, maybe try Bulldozer training. I have found this style to be very effective for muscle building.

You can find more here:

There are many more quality options. As a late intermediate lifter you might want to try an upper/lower split.

cheers bro al looking into that stuff bulldozer training looks quite good
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