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Here is a review:

Dan Pasholk
This is a bit long, but if youíre a lifter please take the time to read it.

Today I hit a deadlift PR. To most, thatís not something overly impressive and itís something that should happen after just about every good training cycle. But for me, a deadlift PR means a hell of a lot more.

Six weeks ago I was about to give up on powerlifting, the only sport that Iíve ever been even remotely good at. Over the past two years, Iíd trained my ass off, only to have every single one of my maxes decrease. My knees felt like shit, my shoulders felt like shit, and my back was experiencing a whole new level of awkward discomfort with every squat or pull.

Before throwing in the towel, I contacted a good friend of mine, Ernie Lilliebridge Jr, who suggested I go on the Lilliebridge Method. Just to be clear, over the last few years, I've gone through 5/3/1, Juggernaut, the Cube, and just about every one of the other popular programs that have come out. Iíve followed every one of them word for word, and Iíve gotten weaker. Iím not saying that theyíre bad programs, but they simply didnít work for me.
On top of that, watching every one of my friends make continuous gains and leave me in the dust was completely demoralizing. Iíd walk into the gym feeling lethargic as if I already knew the workout was going to be a waste of time. But with a combination of proper programming and the constant encouragement that Iíve experienced from Ernie Lilliebridge Jr. and Team Lilliebridge, Iíve gotten stronger for the first time in almost three years. Three years of grinding through program after program, getting progressively weaker and going from getting called a prodigy at every meet I attended to convincing myself that another PR was always going to be out of reach.

Over the past six weeks, Ernie Lilliebridge Jr proved me wrong, and today, even through a bicep tear, several knee injuries, and severe issues with my lower back, I hit that deadlift PR that Iíve been working toward for three fucking years.

The Lilliebridges are some of the most humble people that youíll ever meet and I know they wonít take credit for it, but I can honestly say that their method and their guidance was without a doubt the reason for me finally making progress. As you can see by my emotion in this video, Iím happy with my training for the first time in literally years. Their method is also temporarily on sale now for only $40, and Iím living proof that it works just as well for natural lifters. Email or contact Ernie Lilliebridge Jr for more information.

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