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Originally Posted by Spunkrat View Post
I'd up your training frequency, and seeing as you have a more looks related goal in mind, use either upper/lower 4 days a week training each muscle twice a week or the rotating push/legs/off/pull/off/repeat split so its about twice a week. Since you have 7 years training experience twice a week, or about twice a week frequency could be more ideal for you, with moderate volume.

And in my honest opinion, I think your routine should cut out some unnecessary things. For example, I don't think you need an incline press, flat press and a decline press as well as cross overs. I'd stick with a flat press and possibly an incline or a flat press and dips. I'd also reduce the volume on curls and just focus on overall progression on the basic arm movements such as barbell curls or incline/alternate curls and skulls/close grip.

been there and done all the big moves mate
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