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Default KD5NFW's Masters/Submasters writeup

(sorry if this is too long, didn't intend it to be but there you go)

Went to the site Saturday evening for early weigh in. Got there around 5:30 and they were still benching! Seven flights of bench on Saturday! Early weigh in started at 7 and they were still on women's deadlift. No idea how late that day's lifting went. Weigh in was as simple as kicking off my shoes and stepping on the scale. Came in at 211 with clothes on so safely in the middle of the220 class. Headed back home to get my gear ready to go.

Got up around 6:30 Sunday morning and basically went though my normal routine with coffee and breakfast. Meet started at 10, but I wasn't sure what to expect so I got there a little after 8. Well that was a waste of time haha! Absolutely nothing going on, but I was able to relax, and find my rack height for squat. They held a rules meeting at 9:30 to explain all the different lifts and disqualifications. It was at this time that I realized they had "power sports" in this meet, which includes power cleans and curlz lol.

The meet started off with power cleans, but there were only 3 lifters, so that went by pretty quick. Next up were the curlers (I still have a hard time saying that with a straight face). I think the top "strict" curl was around 220lbs or so. There were quite a few curlers (haha) so squats didn't start until an hour or so into the meet. This was fine really because it gave me plenty of time to get accustomed to the atmosphere and really purge any nerves or anxiety I had.

As luck would have it there was a younger man in my weight class who was also a novice and this was his first meet. He was the first lifter and I was the second lifter of our flight. So right off the bat I had a buddy to identify with for the rest of the meet. His father, who hadn't lifted in over 3 years competetively, was also lifting for the first time since coming back from a motorcycle accident. He is the gentleman handing off to me on bench. I did plenty of stretching and foam rolling before starting my warm ups. I basically went through the same ramp schedule that I would at the gym. I have to say I really didn't feel nervous or apprehensive at all as I stepped onto the platform for my first squat, and first judged lift ever! All I was worried about was hitting depth and getting at least 2 white lights. After my lift, I turned the see the result, and to my amazement there were 3 white light! Woohoo! On my second attempt I decided to go for a personal best and once again got 3 whites. As the meet got closer, I had told myself that around 365lbs would probably be the most I could dream for on a 3rd attempt, so 369 it was. It went up, but I'm not sure if there were too many more pounds left on the platform in squats. There were three flights on squat, and I was in the second flight, so I had a little time to relax before bench.

I was also in the second flight of bench so I was able to observe everyone else as they warmed up. I really don't require a lot of warm up for bench so I wasn't worried about it near as much as I was for squats. Just needed to make sure my shoulders were ready to go. My opener was an easy 275 and it flew right up. I didn't want to make too big of a jump on my second attempt so I went for a comfortable 303, just below my gym PR. Well, this is where I had my only brain fart of the meet. As I took the hand off and held the bar above my head, I waited and waited and waited for the referee to give me a bench command. After 4-5 seconds I realized there is no bench command you moron! I think this kind of freaked me out and this turned out to be the toughest grinder of the meet. I almost strained my left hammy grinding that lift out. Well, that left me a little shaken and not overly confident of hitting my next lift, so I only went up to 308. Well that lift flew right up, so I feel like I may have left about 5lbs on the platform with bench. There were five flights of bench so I had quite a while to relax before deads.

I was in the second flight of deads, so as the first flight lifted, I foam rolled again then went through a few pulls for warm up, pretty close to what I would do at the gym, but a little less volume. I thought I had warmed up to about 365 as my opener was 407 and I didn't want to get too close. The 365 felt heavier than it should, but turns out it was closer to 390 (yeah me and kg's don't get along haha). But in the end it made the 407 opener feel light. It was also the first time I was able to use chalk and a real deadlift bar. 407 flew off the floor and the loaders on the platform said nice warm up haha! That gave me the confidence to go for a PR on my second attempt at 440. This lift also felt very easy so I went for an all time strapped PR. 462 is 7 pounds over that and there was more in the tank. I feel like 475 was there for the taking, but I was not unhappy or regretful about any of the choices I made on any of my lifts.

My goals for my first meet were:
1. Have fun
2. Set a total
3. Hit 1000lb total
Stretch goal: Hit 1100lb total

Well I can say I accomplished all my goals for my first meet, and exceeded my stretch goal by 40lbs! I learned that the power lifting community is full of the nicest, most helpful and REAL people I have ever met. Everyone is treated with respect and dignity. The weakest lifter in the meet is treated the same as the strongest lifter in the meet. It's just like a big family, with all the fun and kidding that goes along with it. I knew to take along some light snacks to keep myself from getting hungry or eating junk that might disagree with me. I failed to drink enough fluids and suffered from a dehydration headache this morning, so you definitely need to remember to drink lots of fluids. In the end, I can't wait to hit the next meet and increase my total. If you are evenly slightly interested in power lifting I suggest you give it a go and see if it's for you!

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