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I'm quitting next week!
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Default Hunterace's Power Weekend write up!

Just going to ramble about my whole weekend

I felt really solid and ready to go hit the iron!
Steve picked me up in the morning and we headed to Iowa. Nothing is better than shooting the shit with someone as knowledgeable as Steve! I consider him a great friend and can't thank him enough for all his help and friendship, he means a lot to me, and I know many others!
Got to Iowa and met up with Cutty and Gasp, who are great guys! Went to meet and they all weighed in and barely made weight lol. Met Roger and his wife, very good people! Later we ate food, had some drinks and goofed around the whole day, lots of farting , smelly bastards!

Slept like shit! I think I got put in the third shift section of the hotel. Tried going to sleep at midnight. At 12:30 someone was opening and closing doors and then started their car and left. Not a big deal because I wasn't really asleep yet, but I was close. Then at 2, 4, 5, 6:30, basically every time I fell asleep I got woke up, it sucked!!!
On to the meet...
I weighed in fully clothed at 219lbs, so happy I made weight easily for the 220 class.
Cutty and Gasp first meet, and they did so awesome! Cutty 8 for 9 and he had a blast and did great! Gasp hammered the bench as expected and was 3 for 3, top notch! Roger didn't have the day he wanted, but still did awesome IMO! Got to see Pete Rubish hit a 1851 total at 242 which was cool. Met Mark(not writing last name very long and to lazy to look up now) who's a wheelchair lifter. Awesome guy and he set a bench PR at 535 or some crazy shit! Seeing Lilliebridge set the world record, TWICE, was something I'll probably never forget. 925 is the new WR and looked like he could have hit another 20+ lbs! Just freaking amazing !

The downside was it was sooooooooooo long of a day. Don't think we were out of there til after 7pm and we got there at 8am !
For whatever reason, beyond my head getting worse, not unexpected, for some reason my body didn't enjoy being a spectator all day! My feet were killing me and my lower back went to hell. Felt pumped and painful, couldn't sit or be comfortable at all.
Afterwards we went out and ate and celebrated the great day Cutty had! Gasp went home with his trophy !
Had a little better night trying to sleep, sort of... Didn't get woke up but once, but my head kept me up, but I got a little rest.

At the meet early again, and my head wasn't too horrible which I was glad about, but my lower back felt as if I deadlifted for PRs.
Had a really long wait til my first bench attempt so lots more sitting around, but had a lot of good lifting to watch.
Warmed up on bench with 135x 3 paused, and that was good enough for me. Think Steve would have liked me to do a little more, but he didn't push me !
First attempt went light...
203... Whites
Second attempt wanted a PR, previous being 225, planed on 235 but figured I'd go conservative...
231.5... Whites, meet PR
Happy with getting a PR and it wasn't to hard. Honestly was harder on my low back getting tight and keep my arch then any chest or arm work, lol.
Told Steve he could pick my last attempt cause I had a PR and didn't really care what happened. While waiting all I did was imagine lifting the weight, no bad thoughts. Steve said he only went a "little heavier".
Third attempt...
248.5... Whites, new meet PR couldn't have been happier!
After I got the lift and stood up, Steve said great job or easy or something like that. Also said "I lied" about only adding a little lol!

Bench being done and my back feeling destroyed, my head got way worse on my third lift. And I had like a 2-3 hour wait til deads which sucked.
Planned on doing 375 for a PR on my opener for deads but I didn't think between my back and head I had anything more than one lift in me. My second attempt I planed on getting over 400 so instead of messing around and using up myself on a 10lb PR and doing 375, Steve and I decided to go change my opener.

Warmup, nothing...
I know this concerned Steve and he tried without pushing to convince me to go do a few pulls, but I just didn't want to do any extra lifts, even a light easy one. I set my mind on 1 more lift. Wasn't a guarantee by any stretch, but was very confident I could stand up once, hopefully .
First attempt...
402.3... Whites, new meet PR, previous was 365
Called it quits here. I believe I could have easily gotten at least 25 more lbs, but saw no point to it. My back was jacked up bad, head was horrible and after my lift I thought I tweaked my knee, but shortly after it was fine.
Was satisfied with 3 PRs in 4 attempts with no fails. I know it's not the powerlifter mentality to not go for your best and give your all, but skipping my second and third attempts seemed like the smart thing to do. Never claimed I was smart though, or even a "powerlifter" !
Anyhow hung around and waited for trophy time. Hoped I'd get third, and take home a trophy. Steve said I got it for sure, but with all the lifters we had I wasn't confident if there was 4 guys in my class or not that I'd get one.
Well somehow I got second place ! Last time I got 3rd by default cause the other guy had about 5lbs less than me with no deadlift attempts . I'd be lying if I said this didn't make me feel awesome getting second place!

So we headed home, which became an adventure with car trouble. Steve had to find the special combo with electrical that he used to get me home and himself home. Thankfully we both got home in one piece !

It was great meeting Roger, John(gasp) and Jeremy(cutty) and if course spending lots of time with the big hairy ugly guy!

Thanks so much for everything Steve!

Thanks to everyone that watched live on the feed when they could and chatted with us during the whole meet.

Congrats to Roger, John, Jeremy, and also Rich and Henry on their great meets too!

Little extra shout out to Babs! Even with her having a bad headache and feeling like crap, she kept us all in high spirits and chatted and watched us lift on the feed, when it worked the whole time!

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