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Default Lumbar flexion & DL

Been following BTB's videos on Youtube for a good while now but never actually came here to see what the forum holds. Anyway, I might need some help with my deadlift form.

Below is a video of my third DL set (x5) of the day. After warmups (foam rolling, mobility work and other small things + several lighter DL sets) I felt great and ended up using approximately 90% of my 1RM on the working sets. Haven't worn any gear in ages and I prefer to do all my lifts raw. Once I watched the set from my camera I noticed that I have a slight lumbar flexion during the execution of the lift. Additionally the speed wasn't up to where it should be. After that third set I deloaded the bar and tried to concentrate on fixing the flexion but with no results. I'm aware that I have had the same problem in the past but I think it's finally time to work on it. Could you give any advices what should I do to have more neutral spine during the lift? If you watch closely, the back rounds a bit already when I grab the bar and pull my hips lower.

Could it be that the problem lies with my setup? I prefer to brace the core the Supple Leopard/Starrett-way. Due to my height and length of my limbs I place the bar several inches away from my shins. Getting my shins closer doesn't do a thing to the flexion and I feel way, way weaker during the lift than having the bar more away from me. Nowadays I concentrate going a bit lower with my hips just so I can use more leg drive in the beginning of the lift. It seems that my hips don't shoot up before the weight (apart from the last rep on the video) so I don't see any problem with it. I don't know if I should open up my chest even more before the actual lift but I fear that might put my hips too low. I'm aware that I don't always manage to keep my chin tucked with the heavier sets but I'm getting there training day after training day.

Is my mobility the limiting factor here? Usually I do mobility work every day and prior to DL day I spend roughly 10-15 minutes with my hip flexors the evening before the training day just to open them up more for the deadlifts.

Am I lost with the awareness of using my body or have I just created a poor technique by doing the same thing again and again? Pavel's advice of imaging having a tail and his cue about the wedge in the deadlift flattens the back but at the same time gives just temporary stability on the anterior core from the minor overextension of the spine. Additionally, using the wedge causes me to lose the bracing of the core.

Should I just concentrate on anterior core work (rollout variations, TRX exercises, reverse crunches, different bridging variations) even more from now on to strengthen the lower back and to keep it from rounding?

Am I chasing something I can't reach and thus overanalyzing things? Or should I use less weights for volume block's 5 rep sets in order to be better at controlling the lower back more? The minor lumbar flexion doesn't cause any pain and my CNS doesn't get fried due to those heavy sets so I can do them weekly without any problems.

Of course I'm aware that the problem could be part of all those things mentioned above.

If anyone spots any other mistakes in the video, feel free to comment. Any help is appreciated.


(the video is in youtube so add the site's address to the beginning of the URL above 'cause as a new user I wasn't able to post URL in my message)

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