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Originally Posted by syn View Post
I have seen this meme posted around the web
& I have heard that some lot fat butter spread are as bad as eating a plastic bag because of their chemical content.

How true is this?

Surely low fat milk & cheese cant be that bad?

what are your thought & opinions on this?
Low fat usually means higher sugar and/or salt content to add flavour that has been removed with the fat reduction.

And, is it low fat milk that is actually a blue in colour because of the fat removal and has to be then made white by the addition of a chemical, the same stuff they add to emulsion (yep) to make it white again so that people will drink it; the full fat milk, on the other hand is white and needs no additional whitener.

It's a while since I read that, so feel free to check it up online.

But yes, overall, the more natural and less messed with stuff is much better.
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