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Oh This will be a long one


Although if I had to choose, it'd be PS4.

The problem with both is gaming isn't how it used to be.

Now it just controlled and dominated by these huge electronics companys, with no passion for making good games, only money.

Of course, money was a big factor before, but you look at how SEGA was, and how nintendo still are, they have a true passion for making great games.

Iv'e always had a resentment against both sony and microsoft for taking over the industry.

When I was younger I had the Sega megadrive, then Sega's Dreamcast, nintendo 64 etc;
There was a game for the dreamcast called Shenmue, which was an absolute master piece.
Its the reason games like GTA exist, ben ght e first open world game of that type.
The story, the graphics, the music we're breathtaking.

The game was made by Yu Suzuki, a creator behind many other top franchises that made the dreamcast so awsome.

The playstation 2 then came by and knocked it out of the water, simply because it had a DVD player, and the dreamcast didn't.
The dramcast was more powerful, and had a better game library than the Playstation 2, but people we're ready to switch over from VHS tapes, top DVD, so a 2 in one system which allowed them to play the lates games, AND allow them to watch DVDs at a fraction of the cost of a regular DVD player.
SEGA stopped production of the Dreamcast soon after, all the creative minds at SEGA lost their jobs, and big corperations took over.

Later on Microsofts original Xbox would come along more powerful than ever, and knock Nintendos gamecube out of the park in terms of graphics, losing them a ton of money, and rendering allot of their team, again, jobless.
Simply because Microsoft had way more money and more tech to put into the harware, and so was leaps and bounds ahead of anything else.

So that was both SEGA and Nintendo left shattered by those two companys and their huge budgets.
SEGA have pulled out of the console industry and are more or less bankrupt now days

Nintendo eventually decided to take a step backwards in terms of graphics, and go for "inivation" with the wii and its motion sensored controles, because it couldn't keep up with the other tech giants.
It did well, and actually it sold both the PS3 and the XBOX 360, so it was pretty much a middle finger to them

My point is these companys don't deserve your money.

All fair I suppose, them having the upper hand over the other two companies,
but they still ruined gaiming and the creative outlet it created.
Consequently my favorite game of all time, the best game of all time, can't be developed now through lack of publisher, seen as SEGA are still hurting from what happened with the DC and the PS2 13 years ago.

Now my views on the consoles.

NOBODY should buy this system.

1.) The system has to be online to work
Yep. You can't even turn the thing on if you don't have an internet connection.
Its just an obsolete box without one.
2.) Kinect needs to be on at all times for the system to work.
Yeah. Not happening.
There's no way I'm going to let that thing film me in the "privacy" of my own home.
Talk about big brother.
Remember the story about the NSA technician who hacked into some girls webcam and started watching her get undressed?
I'd put some ductape over that thing if I we're you
3.) Its 450!?
Thats a ridiculous price.
All because of Kinect.
Because we all know the last kicect went fantastically
No one boguht it. I did. It sucked. There we're no games, and it didn't work very well.
Waste of money.
Now you HAVE to have it? Screw that.
4.) Games are registered to one system only.
This means you can't let your friend borrow the game, because they have to PAY THE FULL PRICE TO PAY IT.
They're just money grabbing bastards.
Also, what does that mean for used games???
5.) Xbox live will be double the price
As if it wasn't expensive enough.
6.)Allot of the talented tems that made good games for the 360, have moved over to the PS4
So all your left with is bro games, like Call of duty and Battlefield.
They we're fun for the first year or so, but we need some variety.
Its just FPS, after FPS after FPS.
7.) You can't play xbox 360 games on it
...So your telling me the plus 300 I've spent on xbox 360 games over the years, I now can't play on the new system because you can't be bothered to pay alittle aextra and include the chip? Fair.
8.) Its huge
The things masive, and has a big ass vent on the top, meaning you can't put anything on top of it.
Not the biggest problem, but anoying for me who has allot of other periferals below my Telivision.
9.) The name is retarded
10.) The second microsoft stops supporting the system...It becomes a box that lights up.
Remember I said it only works if its online?
Well obviously to be online, it needs servers.
The origonal xbox seververs shut down eight years after it was released. Meaning you couldn't play online games anymore.
The 360 will do the same soon too, meaning you can't go online anymore with that either.
Eight years into the Xbox one's life cycle, what happens when they shut the servers down? It needs internet right?
Yeah. As soon as those servers shut down, the thing becomes a box that lights up.
So all the money you spent on the system, all the money on games for it, all the money spent on xbox live, etc; will have been wasted.
Congrats. You now own a useless, black box.


The advantage of the PS4 is that it isn't laced with bull shit.

Its the same as any other console thats been before.

You CAN play used games, you DON'T have to be always online, you CAN share games with your friends, etc;

Also, the team behind the PS4 actually care about games and aren't just totally money driven.

The lead designer Mark Cerny, worked with Shenmue Creator Yu Suzuki, at SEGA before SONY screwed them up.
Him and Suzuki are trying to revive the old SEGA franchises that we're lost from the Dreamcast, on to the PS4, which means a Shenmue 3, and if Shenmue 3 comes out, I'll buy a PS4 straight away.

I know this is very long and nerdy, but I saw it as an opportunity to inform some people that might not know, about something I'm fairly knowledgeable about.

I don't want you to waste your money, and I really don't think you should buy the xbox one.

If you like good games, get the PS4. The team behind them care and are good at what they do.
SEGA we're great, and allot of the people who we're with SEGA, are now on the Playstation team.

As for me, I'll likely get the Wii U when they're old for those classic family games, and stick xbox 360 for now.
When the old SEGA stuff gets revitalized, I'll get a PS4.

The creativity has been truly lost I feel. I don't have as much fun playing games with my friends like I used to, but maybe thats just because I've somewhat grown out of it.

Although I'm interested in tech politics, I don't really play many new games anymore. I normally play older games, but most of the time I'm just doing other things, like music, lifting, etc;
The interest was lost yes because I've grown up more, but also because of the poor display of games nowadays. They just don't really interest me.
There have been a few though.
My 360's been pretty much gathering dust until GTA 5 came out

Watch these if you want a laugh

Embarrassing Moments of E3 2013 - YouTube

SONY taking the piss out of the XBOX ONE'S used game policies.

Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video - YouTube

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