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Neither is a "bad" choice.
Xbox one for me now, eventually I'll probably have both.

Xbox one
Xbox one is 100 bucks more to start, but has kinect and FREE online.
Will have more games because they're allowing both 720 and 1080.
Games will NOT be 100 bucks, if you have some proof of this please link, because I've read nothing of the sort anywhere.
Xbox one has the advantage for online gamers.
Less speed than PS4 and memory, but after some time xbox will catch up.
Can play CDs, MP3 and other audio files from your other devices.
Won't play older games, but neither will PS4.
As a home entertainment hub, or all in one device, Xbox one has a huge advantage. So you can switch from a game to skype to Netflix super easy.

PS4 will be cheaper.
Games will look slightly better but unless you're comparing them side by side it won't make a difference.
Only 1080 games.
You WILL have to pay for an online membership.
Has cooling box in unit, so it'll run louder.
Out of the box PS4 will run faster and have more memory.
It won't play CDs or MP3 files, or act as a DLNA media receiver to play video and audio files streamed from other devices on your network.
Won't play older games, neither will Xbox one.
As an entertainment hub, far far behind Xbox one. Basically you'll need to buy all sonys stuff.
For hardcore gamers, right now the choice is PS4, but within a year or so the advantage will disappear. This is what I've read, not my opinion, but I'm not a hardcore gamer.

There's more info out there if you research. These are some of the bigger things I remember reading. Don't think either are a bad choice. Believe that Xbox one all in one features will win over more people honestly. Being able to use devices and services already owned is big in my opinion. Having to get sony stuff to add music or watch vids is lame. Having everything on one hub helps a lot. The intro price being higher than PS4 will hurt, but nothing I think that will kill sales. Having the Kinect will allow more options for games too, like the lame ass wii.
My wife earned through sales for her job a choice of either, we took the Xbox one. But asi said eventually we'll probably have both
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