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On the radio I heard about a Rabbi who bought a desk for $200. While attempting to get it into his office he was dissapointed to find that it just barely didn't fit through the door, by only a fraction of an inch. While taking apart the desk to get it through the door he found a bag full of $98,000 hidden in the desk.

He's a freaking Rabbi, of course, so he returned the money. Even though he didn't ask for/want a reward, the seller refunded his $200 and gave him a reward of an undisclosed sum.

More power to him, but I'll openly admit this now- HELL NO I wouldn't return the money if I were in that position. That seller isn't going to miss something they didn't know they had, and I sure as hell would miss something I found and gave back! Keeping the money is a win-win as far as I'm concerned. Maybe I'm just pandering to my greedy side, but screw it. yolo.

I'd buy a leg press and a power rack. I'd also buy a really fast car. I'd use the rest to pay off most of my house and have some left over for a huge down payment on a second house that I would rent out.

If I were a religious man, though? I'd return it. I know how those people think. They look for opportunities to show god's grace by doing the right thing, and the bigger the better. Does that make them better than me? Nope.

They're doing something because someone they never met said "Hey, dude, do good things for people and I'll let you in Heaven. It's sweet. We have cotton candy, and not the kind in the bag that you think is going to be awesome but totally isn't, and you realize that the reason you love cotton candy isn't because cotton candy is awesome, but rather because you only ever got cotton candy while you were also at a carnival. There's funnel cake too."

But me, I'm doing something because of a well thought out ethical train of thought that makes sense on a number of levels. And also because I want a fast car.

I guess the thing that gets me the most is that some people won't even think about the decision. They'll say "of COURSE I'd X, or of COURSE I'd Y." I could only take someone seriously if they at least stopped for a second and thought about it. There is no wrong decision, as long as it's YOUR decision.
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