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Quick question for you. I would consider myself an intermediate lifter, but I am on the small side, even after putting on about 25 lbs of muscle over my natural weight in the last few years (5'8" 165lbs currently). I can only bench 260 lbs, squat 350 lbs, and deadlift 375 lbs. This is miles ahead of where I started from, though. I am currently still making small, incremental gains, so I'm not looking to change my program up or get some guru secret. I think my training approach has been in line with what you preach here and on your YouTube channel (i.e. sticking with the basics, progressive overload, and eating).

It is frustrating, however, to put so much blood, sweat, and tears into my workouts over a period of time to still be weaker than most other guys are after they've been lifting just a few months. I'm not trying to let myself off the hook or give myself an excuse to not push hard, but my question is: what is a realistic level of strength to achieve for a small guy like myself? I've seen different charts, but they vary widely. I'm curious to see what your take on it is.
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