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Michigan huh? I'm a big time Wolverine fan... I'm new here but not new to puke sessions stemmed from fatigue and shock to the system!!! You know the saying... Sometimes you have to make a chance to take a chance!!! Bro without a doubt I will not leave you hanging or assed out if you will give me this shot? I'm here to gain at least 15 lbs back of the 40 I lost this past year as I was forced out of the gym. Check out my intro. if you need more detail as to why. I've been training for the better part of the past 5 years and design my own grueling workouts! I know there was some more info you asked for, which I will gladly give to you hopefully when, if you pick me to be part of the team? Either way thanks for your time, best of success, and God Bless- Iwin
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