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Originally Posted by jiorio95 View Post
Personally, I'm a barbell guy. I used to use dumbbells for everything but progression and growth were slow, got turned on to barbells and progression and growth are constantly improving.

Just my experience, the pro's to barbells are more weight and more muscles used. Because of that I can always get 5-10 more lbs out of my compounds on a consistent basis.

Whenever I use dumbbells it's to hit a specific area, but I'm not a bodybuilder nor a guy who is large enough to have specific areas that are lagging, so I don't use them too often.

I guess it depends on what your goals are.
I prefer Barbells for exercises, and while I do enjoy the barbell bench I find it uncomfortable and awkward for my body, however with Dumbbells I don't, plus it feels like something is actually working.

Do you really think there are more muscles used on Barbells? I would have thought the other way around, I always find my muscles being more taxed by DB's but my CNS being taxed more by the Barbells.

Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
I prefer to do a percentage of DB presses within any press set-up purely because they target more stabilisers than the barbell work does.
Yeah I'm really preffering having them in my program instead of doing a Barbell press.

Originally Posted by EliteDreams View Post
What are your goals? There is absolutely nothing wrong with dumbell benching.

You may just keep playing around with your barbell form, grip width, where you touch etc.
Goals are just to get stronger generally. I want to get stronger and put on some size. Barbell has been useful and I've made gains with it, but unfortunately I just find it uncomfortable.

Originally Posted by gaspers04 View Post
BBs here. I feel that you are limited in progression at some point with DBs.
Yeah I see your point, but I think when I get to that point I'll go back to BB and see how that goes.

Originally Posted by CountryFriedMuscle View Post
As EltieDreams said, a lot of this depends on your goals. If you want to be a powerlifter, you are going to have to use the barbell at some point. However, if you are more interested in aestetics or general strength, then there is no real need to do the barbell bench press. Lots of old school bodybuilders and olympic lifters didn't do very many bench presses and were bull strong and looked good. Its all about what your goals are.
Never want to be a powerlifter buddy (At least not for the foreseeable future) as basketball is the goal. General strength I guess would be the classification with some strong aesthetics (Not BB aesthetics, but strength training aesthetic but i know that will come with strength gain).

Originally Posted by jdmalm123 View Post
BBs for pure strength

DBs for "lighter" assistance, stabilizers, better ROM, unilateral training
Sounds like your DB benefits are better for your overall gains from what you have said! I realise you can push more weight with BB's.

Originally Posted by Dray View Post
I like doing both, for the time being anyway. Of course, there will come a time when I run out of dumbells, and this would be inevitable for most lifters I guess.

They "feel" different, and it seems to me DB bench works more chest, or works it differently, or something.
I do enjoy both, but as I've said already it's a bit uncomfortable for me when I start pushing more weight. It's not uncomfortable in the way that it is because I'm pushing myself, but it's uncomfortable because I've long arms and they feel uncomfortable when at the bottom of the lift. I think I'm going to stick with DB's until I can't lift them without a challenge anymore, which I'm going to assume will take a little while!

I know what you mean about it working differently, I feel the same.

Originally Posted by EliteDreams View Post
Great point. Hard to get big dumbells in place when your as strong as Gasp.
I want to get to those massive dumbbells lol!
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