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Originally Posted by Kroy View Post
I'd appreciate any help here from anyone who's experienced a similar problem. In the last few weeks i have been hitting all sorts of PR's on my bench including paused raw lifts in the mid to high 400's and even hit a 545lbs. sling shot PR. But as my bench goes up, my shoulder and pec mobility are getting so bad I can no longer get under a squat bar, and have been limited to Manta Ray squats only. If I do force myself, my biceps and shoulder hurt real bad the next time I bench. I've tried some basic stretching but nothing seems to help. I know that mobility work is probably what I need, but since I hate doing that stuff, I'd only like to commit to something that a fellow powerlifter could recommend, since I dont want to waste my time on some crap I read on the internet. Thanks in advance for any advice.
Try having a massage because when you are off to lifting much heavier weights, your tissues need to be opened and more flexible to be able to support the weight you are lifting. So I suggest you to take a massage and then have a steam bath, that is just an add-on and doesn't have any notable benefits. Start meditating because this helps in the overall flow of energy in your body. You might have noticed that the most common thing amongst all the bodybuilding/powerlifters is that they meditate. So, that's the secret to getting more energy.

I know these suggestions might seem foolish but give it a shot and thank me later.
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