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Originally Posted by Dray View Post
Static stretching, foam rolling, warmup cardio like rowing/treadmills (etc.), cold baths/showers, using ice...

And all the other prehab things I see around.

One of the reasons I ask is that I've managed to tweak (hopefully not injure) what is probably a hip flexor, and I don't do any of those things. I've been squatting since I began this journey, and have done more weight than the set that this happened in, I warmup up (with lighter squat sets) like I always do, was trying to be aware of form (as always)... so it was a bit strange that is suddenly happened, last week.

But could it still be a lack of prehab work, and yeah, while I'm asking, the main question is, should every lifter (or particular lifters?) do any of those things? Is it just a good idea in general?
I never thought about it this way also I never did foam rolling just because I didn't thought that it was important. What I do is warm-up and do squats without any weights and start weight training. I will have to start thinking about different things different way because I too might be injuring myself in some way or the other. Thanks for opening my eyes.
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