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Default Possible Spinal Problems?

Every now and then(last time was in April I think) I'll get a very sharp pain for a couple of days in my middle to upper spinal erectors. Sometimes up around the traps too, but not this time.

The first time it happened this year (January or March), I was overhead pressing a whopping 95 lbs and as I lowered the bar back to the hang position at my hips, that just caused my workout to end very quickly for a few days. (and maybe longer. I can't remember. I guess it depends what month it happened)

The last time, I got some strain on a Friday while putting my backpack in my car. It hurt to deadlift 135, but I kept going, and by the end of my workout the pain disappeared. I can't remember if the pain flared up again or not.

Now, I've taken since last Monday the 21st off of the gym after realizing that trying to lift the same way directly after a meet was a bad idea. Either on Wednesday or Thursday(yesterday) I noticed my right erector was feeling a bit strained or tight. It came out of nowhere. I don't know at all what caused it. I went in last night to bench. The pain (as typical of all the 3-4 experiences in the past) flared up a little as I benched and progressively got worse. Then I went on to do bent over rows, but stopped a set early as I couldn't play with it anymore.

I get home, and it progressively gets worse. Forward movement of my spine feels fine. If I start to bend backwards or sideways, I get pain. I woke up at 6:30 this morning, but laid in bed til 11:30, sleeping on and off. The pain seems to get a little better, but I'm not sure. It hurt very bad to roll over from one side, to my back, to another. I'm not too badly concerned, but at the same time, I do have some worry about it. What is causing this? Was this just sparked by inactivity, maybe? What about my staph infection? Did it somehow move inside my body to my spine? (I heard about a case of that recently)

Does anyone have any insight?

No, it is not my lower back. My lower back has only ever temporarily felt pain, and it certainly is not in pain now.
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