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Originally Posted by Squatter View Post

For the last 2 weeks or so, pretty much ever since my 495 deadlift, I have felt off and have been quickly losing interest in lifting during some sessions. This is a feeling I have never felt before. As much as I needed to deload, something still felt unusual.

I think I have gone thru a growth spurt. In these last few weeks, I have gained 6 lbs, yet I still fit into my size 31 skinny jeans and all pairs of size 32 jeans I have, quite comfortably. I am now at 216 lbs at 5'9" tall. Additionally, the Internal Medicine Doc told me a couple of weeks ago, for my 1 year follow up, that my body is like the Amazon Rainforest - full of growth, life, and vitality. Considering all of this, I think I have put on some major muscle. My legs are noticeably bigger than ever, along with traps and back. For example, the Pendlay triple at 290 felt much easier than the previous PR of 285 X3. This, along with all 3 major PR's during the last month, makes me think the growth spurt is responsible for making me feel odd.

Tonight, I got my passion and zest back big time. I am back to normal and ready to crush some big iron in the coming weeks. Like the Crew said, I am going to annihilate my last meet total of 1119 come Spring time.

These times are most certainly the best I have ever had as a lifter.

Bench Press
115 X3
135 X3
185 X3
205 X3
240 X1
255 X1
275 X1 (Slingshot)
290 X1 (Slingshot) Vid
Backoff Raw
225 X6 Vid
205 X7
Still a few issues unracking, but much better than last time, as I was experimenting with positioning. I think i might have found a sweet spot where I can unrack heavier weights.

Pendlay Rows
225 X3
255 X3
290 X3 +5 lb PR Vid
225 X13
Crazy how easy the 290 felt. Last PR at 285 felt insanely heavy.

185 X10
185 X10
185 X9

Band PD's

Blood Flow Cardio
25 Minutes Elliptical - Easy!!

Squatter290X1SlingshotBench - YouTube

Squatter225X6BenchPress - YouTube

Squatter290X3PendlayRow - YouTube
Bump for greatness

All kindz of gainz in here Jimbro!! Those Pendlays were ridiculously easy But I reckon when you can pull 200lbs more than that, it was routine. Rowing 3pps is gonna be BAD ASS
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