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Originally Posted by LindenGarcia18 View Post
I don't want to quit by any means, I'm just suffering from allot of de- motivation.
Demotivation can be caused by a number of things:
  • Stress.
  • Expectation and resultant disappointment, if things aren't going how someone expects them to.
  • Tiredness, exhaustion, fatigue (each being slightly different).
  • Life, in general (other things on a person's plate that just add to the stress load).
  • Any number of other things or a combo of any of the above.

With motivation (and demotivation, since they go hand in hand), it's a case of getting to the root cause and re-establishing the reason for the motivation, which strangely may not end up being the same motivator as a person had previously. There are many that find they've lost their motivation because the workouts they're doing no longer coincide with their goals, their goals have changed from say BB-ing to PL-ing etc.

Oddly, you may find that your motivation may stick if you decide to get in to a show/comp, fitness model etc, because the workouts will be propelling you toward an end result that is required for a competition and so forth; it's worth thinking about.

I'm content to workout for health and fun (progress as well because that's just the by-product anyway), some people need more of a set goal which helps motivate them.
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