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My father died at home after a horrendous hospice stay that drained the whole family. He was barely conscious, but when he was all he could say was that he wanted to die. My mother did everything she could to keep him alive and we helped as we could.

Finally got the call one morning he had died and my sister and swooped down to help mom deal with it. Lots of agonizing grief, etc. However my family has always been irreverent, perhaps morbidly so.

Anyway, during the conversation at the funeral parlor while the manager was out seeing to the arrangements, it was asked when did he actually die and my mother replied she was with him in the morning, but left him to take the trash cans to the curb for pickup. When she came back he was dead. She said, he must have known she did not want to see him die.

My sister, who always had a strained relationship with my gruff father, who had an exceedingly dark and sarcastic humor, said, "more likely he was smart enough to know to wait until you had already taken out the trash!"

Well, we just laughed like we were fit to burst and it still makes me laugh to this day as I write this. We could barely get under control when the manager came back to finalize our arrangements. She was quite perturbed when she asked about any death notice in the paper and it was mentioned that it should not mention it was trash day when he died! Oh my. Quite perturbed.

That was as solemn as it gets, but I can honestly say cathartic doesn't do that moment justice, and further, that my father would have hated howling mourners and much preferred a grand old rowdy wake instead.

I believe he would have approved heartily at the way we handled that.
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