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Question Important or not?

OK, taking MuscleandBrawn at his word, I have a question that might seem trivial but, I have a feeling it might be one of those "hidden gotchas" for n00bs "like wot I am".

Footwear - there, I've said it...and before you all go off thinking high Heels and all that jazz (I've SEEN some of the threads on this forum!!!) I am talking about MY footwear for the GYM.

As I am wont to do, I bought a cheap pair of trainers with no sole (not "soul" though the do hum a bit) cushioning but, do any of you guys have any hints/tips or best buys for footwear for working out?

Is it something to think seriously about or not? Am I being a big girls blouse and worrying too much or is it something that can have a positive impact?

That my learned friends, is my opening (and somewhat lame I grant you) opening gambit - sheesh - I feel like the awkward geeky guy at a party full of frat boys!

By the way -
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