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Hey man, I'm 19 years old and I've been into "somewhat serious" powerlifting for about a year (my best squat is 440 lbs with wraps @ 198 lbs bw). The thing is, I'd like to ask if using knee wraps on all work sets (75-80%+ of 1RM) doesn't diminish strength gains (my warmups are all raw / with belt). It's just that I feel much more confident with knee wraps on when squatting + ofc I can squat heavier weight.

So basically the question is: Does squatting with knee wraps on 80%+ 1RM work sets diminish strength / muscle gains or is it even better than squatting raw (more weight squatted -> more muscle / strength gain) ? I get that knee muscles (or tendons, not sure) won't get stronger since wraps are basically doing the job for them, but that doesn't really concern me, since I compete under IPF (geared, single ply fed) so I have knee wraps in competitions.

Thanks for your answer, appreciate it.
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