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Crow is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by glwanabe View Post
Your first set will stay the same for quite awhile. You need that set to be a light warmup set leading up to your final heavy work set.

Go back and read the program again. read it several timse so that you get a big picture feeling of what is trying to be accomplished.

Start a log of your sessions, and ask questions and they will be answered. There are several members who have used these programs, and understand them.


Fullbody trng requires that you take an active part in your program. judge when you might need to pull back a little, or when to push harder.

Fullbody is not a simple plug and play, it is active and alive from one session to the next. It is more complicated than it appears, and requires many months of serious conditioning to really get deep into the program. 12 weeks in is just the surface, but give it the time it requires and it will reward you with a great work ethic, and conditioning.

You don't go out and run a marathon on day one, and you don't fully immerse into fullbody in two or three weeks.
By the way are you interested sometime to discuss about ss type of program, and the ways to overcome stallness?
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