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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Real Results Classic Hybrid Workout

by Glwanabe

General instructions and notes

This program is not that far removed from the Classic Power Program, but still offers a slightly different experience during the week. You should not be bored with this routine.

The cleans

If there is one aspect of this program that will bury you, it is the cleans.
They are hard work, but are well worth doing. Use a very light weight to start
and just work on getting a decent, (not perfect) form.

It takes years to get real good technical form. Just work on getting the movement done. I have written the program with a 5◊3 scheme. Donít be fooled by only doing 15 reps. In fact as you work into the program you may want to only do 3◊3 for a few weeks to see how your recovering.

BB rows/ DB rows

The BB rows can be substitued for DB rows. This is a fairly heavy program and involves a whole new level of stress that most of us are probably not used to. Performing DB rows can ease a lot of of lower back stress.

Chest work / dips / chins

Your only going to bench once a week with this program. That does not mean that your being shortchanged on chest work. See my notes on performing dips, and work hard at them. Eder loved doing dips, as well as bench work, but I decided to go lighter on the benching since the program is heavier in other aspects.

Make a serious effort to try and get 50 dips/chins done on the days they are called for. Do them as singles if you need to. If you get to the point that your only able to do singles and have not reached 50, stop somewhere between 5-10 singles. Use your own judgement. I want you to work hard, but not kill yourself.

If you canít get at least 20 for the first few weeks donít worry. Just keep working at them, and you will soon be doing 2◊10 for a minimum of 20. Have fun with this.

Classic Hybrid Workout

Monday Workout
  • Cleans 5◊3 w/overhead press or push press
  • Squats 5◊5-8
  • BB/DB rows 5◊5-8
  • Behind the neck press 2◊8-10
  • Bench press 5◊5-8
  • BB calf raise 3◊15-20

Wednesday Workout
  • Squat 5◊5-8
  • Deadlift 3◊5
  • Behind the neck press 5◊5-8
  • Wide grip pullups 5◊10 BW no less than 20
  • Chest Dips 5◊10 BW no less than 20
  • BB curl 3◊8

Friday Workout
  • Cleans 5◊3 w ohp or push press
  • Squats 5x5-8
  • BB/DB rows 5◊5-8
  • Behind the neck press 2◊8-10
  • Dips 5xbodyweight no less than 20
  • Abs work

Let me ask something . When should i increase the weight of me first set?
It is writen that i increase the weights of the 2nd and 3rd sets and strive for the reps. But up to what point i keep the 1st set weight stable.?
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