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Originally Posted by KD5NFW View Post
I smell a deathlift volume whore around here !! Great work on that 475x4 set! I find that using the VG's, once you complete that first heavy rep, the others seem to fall a little easier
Indeed Rich - being a whore will get me everything I want!. Dunno why exactly, but the first rep is always the hardest, and the last rep requires quickly grabbing the extra set of balls on the wall.

Originally Posted by dzarello View Post
That's it! I am now changing your name from Squatter to Deathlifter!

You are making amazing progress on the Deathlift. Awesome job Jimmy Deathlifter!
Keep the names coming DZ!!

Originally Posted by moeheep View Post
NICE.....SUPER NICE.....SUPER DUPER NICE,SUPER JIM....and, And, AND.... pain free shrugs....AWESOME.....that looks a lot like moeheeps back day....minus 150 lbs of course!!

Great job my friend!
Originally Posted by LtL View Post
Nice work Jimbo.
Thanks Big Al!!

Originally Posted by Henry19 View Post
Unbelievable that you did 455 sans chalk, Jim!!!!! Oh, and that 475 was also somewhat impressive.
Thanks Henry - I kinda rushed the lockout on it, as the bar was beginning to slip. It's a testament to the Texas deadlift bar and its knurly's being just right. I was certainly curios about how it would feel with no chalk.

Originally Posted by TomGJD View Post
Great work man! Based on that rep work I'd estimate a max of over around 235-240kg. Very nice work. You could hit a 250kg deadlift soon enough.
Thanks Tom!! I would say that would be accurate, prvided I pulled it at an optimum time - ie - being fully recovered. 250kg pull in 2014 would be absolutely glorious!

Originally Posted by ravimolasaria View Post
475*4 is pure monstrous work super Jim ... I failed to understand why it didn't convert to 500 in previous session ... But I'm sure you will be doing same reps with 500 in very very near future ... Pure awesomeness here ...
Thanks Ravi!! I feel my body just wasn't quite ready for some reason when I attempted 500. On this session, I feel I would have had a good chance at it, based on how the ramp up felt, but opted to stick to the program and do my rep work. I know its obvious I have the strength for the big one.

Originally Posted by fenrisulfr View Post
Thanks Chris!! I hope my recovery is just as incredible. Friday was a bitch.

Originally Posted by Carl1174 View Post
Awesome work big man... al that cardio is paying dividends in your conditioning to rep out huge numbers... beastly work brother
Thanks Carl!! Indeed, all those reps were also good conditioning, as I got dizzy at the end. It is indeed so awesome to be able to do rep work without getting winded.

Originally Posted by I WILL View Post
Your not supposed to. Just keep doing what your doing. It makes me
If it makes you happy, I will keep marching on!!
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