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Originally Posted by bgben3 View Post
Just curious how does that taste. Honestly doesn't sound all that great tasting. I also don't think you are getting enough protein in your diet.
To be honest, I just bought a gym membership today (waited till I found work before making the investment) so haven't felt the need to try out the shake yet. Tomorrow is the first gym day and I will try it first thing in the morning. Since you say I'm not getting enough protein, I went ahead and added some cottage cheese to the recipe. The shake totals out to 64g of protein now. Three of those a day with two solid meals and a whey protein shake will do wonders, I would think. Thanks for your advice.

Edit: And about the taste, it's all about mind over matter for me. Ate a can of sardines packed in olive oil yesterday for the first time, didn't even wince!

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