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Chest/triceps day- Today was my heaviest chest/triceps day to date. I go on vacation to Tennessee next week and have already found a gym there that I can lift at for a day fee. Since I have been lifting near-max poundages for most of the 5 months that I have been in the gym, I am going to lift heavy through my vacation and take a couple of light weeks when I come back to give my body some recuperation time.

Bench press
Work sets
255x5- I had already planned to move up to 255 for my working sets this week because I have been getting all of my sets at 250. @55 felt heavy, but it moved very steady, so I moved up another ten pounds to 265 for the rest of my sets.
265x5 (4+1)

Incline bench press Didn't do a warmup on this because I thought my flat bench presses would have warmed me up sufficiently but, after starting, I really felt like I could have benefited from a warmup on this as well. I started out lighter than last week because I had done more flat bench work this week.

Close grip bench press-Lighter than last week due to the increased bench press volume this week.
work sets

Cable pressdowns(with e-z bar attachment)

On a side note, I had hoped my oldest daughter would show an interest in powerlifting. (she is strong enough to give me some difficulty when we wrestle!) But she isn't even remotely interested. My younger daughter and son are very interested in it, though. But they are a little too young. (I think) When I am the only person in the gym (which is most of the time), I will let them come out of the children's area and hang out with me while I work out. My middle daughter went with me tonight and we goofed off on the bench press machine and pull up-assist machine. She, at 8 years old, legitimately bench pressed half of her bodyweight 5 times. No cheating! She gave a pretty good account of herself on the leg extension and assisted pull up machine as well. (she asked to do this. I actually have to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't sneak on the equipment when I'm not looking) There is still hope! I am going to have to do some research to see when these two can start lifting.
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Gym pr's- bench 330, DL 405, squat 450
Meet pr's- bench 350, do 425, squat tbd

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