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Default Brute's ILSA Illinois Strongest Man Write-up

So, first off, I took 3rd place in the super heavies at the state championship meet. Not bad for someone who is in their first year of strongman training. Our team did amazingly well, winning their divisions and overall. Big Nick Lepperd destroyed the contest, placing 1st by an enormous margin in every event.

My downfall once again is that I'm slow. I still need to increase my top end strength, but speed is my major issue now. By the end of the year I hope to have that fixed.

Event 1: Clean and press medley - 200 # axle in 9 seconds, 230 axle continental'd but couldn't get to rack position.
This one was frustrating. I hit the 200 axle before the event to warm up, and the 265 log. The 230 axle was custom made, slick as all hell, and even thicker than normal. Just couldn't get it this time. Not the only one who had trouble with it, but it ****ed me off a bit.

Event 2: 250# per hand farmers walk for 100 feet.
Pretty standard. Just slow

Event 3: 200# & 250ish# keg carry to sled, pull sled back to start
Weights were super easy, just ran out of time. Got the sled back 48.5 out of the 50 feet before time ran out

Event 4: Arm over arm truck pull (F-250)
Easy mode. Only thing that slowed me down was it rolled forward so fast I got too much slack in the rope

Event 5: F-150 deadlift and hold for time
Truck came up with little effort, but slipped from my hands quickly. Was a little surprised until I looked down and saw my hand had peeled open and there was blood everywhere. better luck next time
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