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Default Instinctual dieting

I've always enjoyed instinctual training. Although I probably should have put more thought into progression while I was still doing it, it was always nice to go into the gym, take a second to think about how I felt and and what I needed/wanted to work on, then do whatever I needed to do on a given day.

My diet has been evolving a lot lately as I've been cutting. I managed to go from 231 to 219 just by cutting out all carbs 6 days a week, then I got down to 216 with strict calorie counting and eating small meals throughout the day.

But eventually while I was eating my small meals I got a craving for my favorite low carb meal- WINGS. I make the best damn homemade deep fried wings you can find. I even make my own garlic parm coating that my wife absolutely loves (she's not much for buffalo sauce). I decided to do a low carb day and have a wing feast for dinner, but to also continue my calorie counting to make sure I stayed on track with my goals.

The results were fantastic! I realized that by combining different dieting techniques I could do whatever I felt like doing on a given day, as long as I took the time to measure out my intake and keep it under my calorie goal most of the time. If I feel like having some meat then I do a low carb day. If I'm feeling hungrier earlier in the day then I'll space out small meals. I'm using intermittent fasting when I feel like having a huge dinner. When I'm feeling extra motivated I'll do what I did yesterday and have nothing but 1200 calories worth of protein shakes.

I'm very happy with what I'm getting from this technique of switching up my diet. Sometimes I'll have extra carbs the day before a zero carb day to really burn some fat off, or I won't eat carbs most of the day but I'll eat a bunch right before/after training. This method has also been great for my job, which requires me to be flexible as far as when I get to eat. If I'm busy all day and can't get away to get a meal, I just use do IF.

So far with this method I've dropped from 216 to 212 in only a couple weeks. I feel great, energy is up, and strength is up too.

Beware, however, if you decided to swith around like this yourself, that your bodyweight will jump around based on what you ate/didn't eat the day before. In the last 3 days I've been 214.2, 215, and 212.2 respectively.
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