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Default Bench issues...shoulder problems

Been training for over a year. I started out using the SS routine.

Our bench went from 95lbs-165lbs. in that year.

Once we got to the high weight I noticed I was having issues with my shoulder. Nothing terrible, it doesn't interfer with everyday life, but when I bench it isn't the typical "burn" from lifting and I do not want to make it worse.

What I have done to remedy the problem:

-Started lifting lighter and worked my way back up. (To this day I cannot get above 135lbs. without feeling it in the shoulder.)

-Met with a friend who is a Physical Therapist and no stranger to shoulder issues. He gave me workouts to strenghten my shoulders.

-Tried doing Chest flys, dumbbell press, dips, etc. The chest flys I don't feel it engaging my chest at all and the same goes for db press. The dips I can feel too much in the shoulder and stopped.

-Worked like hell on my form. From this I discovered my arms are much longer and therefore when I lower the bar to my chest, my elbows are pointing straight at the ground. Also, had other monitor my form and I guess I have a good form.

-I have tried stopping when my arms are parrallel to the ground, but noticed that the bar is above 3-5 inches above my chest and I don't feel like that is working it very well.

With that being said, I think I am done with bench for a whilel.

My question is, what else can I do besides any form of bench to strengthen and develop my chest.

I have looked into doing a lot of push ups and even getting a weighted vest to help.

It just looks like bench isn't for me right now.
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