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Default Kettlebells (the other view)

I'm not one of those that feel KBs are the be all and end all of training implements and enjoy using BBs, DBs and whatever else works, so seeing a different view to the much touted KBs are the be all and end all view makes a'll have to read some of this, as well as the comments section posts, with a pinch of salt because some comments clearly show that the author does not have a complete grasp about how to use a KB at all, however some of the points raised are still worth reading.

For those that haven't used a KB, they can't really say whether the author is correct or incorrect in the statements made about the image of the 4 people ready to press (jerk) the KBs (3) BB (1) fact, on this point the author is way off, since the hip is where the KB should be centred over and is as shown in the 3 KB's also the resting, rack posture, for stamina/endurance KB work.

I have heard of a person breaking their arm with a KB, in fact, it's one that post in the comments section, oddly enough, but there are many reasons as to why or how a person can break a bone...fatigue, lack of control, it doesn't matter what the implement is etc...and there are many KB vids out there showing people doing high reps with much more load i.e. 60kg and still being healthy.

There have been people dislocate and break toes doing yoga, that came as a bit of a shock to me, since it wouldn't seem a very probable occurrence but it is and not a KB, BB or DB in sight.

I also don't buy in to all the "comrade" rubbish and find it irritating at best.

So, anyway, here's the link:
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