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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I started weak myself. Most of us do.

Your presses are actually strong for your height and weight. The journey to a 225 pound overhead press is likely going to involve the addition of about 30 to 40 pounds of bodyweight - good weight.

At your bodyweight a 140 pound press is considered advanced. 170 pounds is elite. You are right in the intermediate range, which is stronger than 90% of men your weight.

My main advice is to try and set up a good, nutritious eating plan that has you gaining about a pound or two per month over the next year. This will help you to increase strength if combined with a quality program.
Thanks for the great advice Steve! Never considered myself to be strong at all even at my weight!

Do you think that deltoid muscle mass is completely down to presses alone and isolation movements like lat raises and upright rows have little or zero impact on the addition of muscle in that area? As i said, i'm trying to 'hit' my medial delt and give my shoulders a more rounded 3D look... SO is there any way to shift attention onto that area of the shoulder?

Do you think that i should just focus all my attention on getting stronger on my presses? Or is there something in my isolation movements that i am overlooking which will give my shoulders the effect i want?

Also, side question... Whats your opinion on dumbell shoulder press vs barbell shoulder press?

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