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Thanks fellas! KD, I used to dive bomb them too! So you are right in that I have actually slowed down my descent just a little. I forgot about that as I did that a while ago and was more thinking about how the lift itself is slowing down in my mind while I am doing it. Much easier to hit cues and be consistent.

Thanks Tann. All good points and all things I hope to get out of this program. I've let myself get too fat and need to get into better shape and I am convinced that will help my strength as well. We'll see.

Haha Jim! To me, deadlifts are more technical than anything else!! I can bench all day every day it seems like sometimes. And those pull-ups had my lats on FIRE! Holy Moly. Affected the chin-ups today for sure.

ANyway, I was totally knackered yesterday so took the day off except for some stretching and recovery stuff.

Today was pretty good until deadlifts, which were harder than expected and I was pretty much in survival mode by the end. Still, there you go.

Week 2, day 2

warmups: 3x rowing

6x 5x 240 (109Kg)

8x 6x 175 (80Kg) all paused, no problem
ss w/ Chin-ups: 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, -1, -1 (held negative as long as possible)

5x 5x 245 (111Kg) First and last sets were absolute murder, middle sets went OK.

50 yd Hills: 5 (w/only rest being walk down to bottom and immediately go again.)

I'm cycling the sets, so today was 8 with bench and less with squats and deadlift. I had intended another set with deadlifts, but that was not happening. Partly due to my hands though. All these sets are really tearing up my hands. I've got basically a blood blister on one finger that is killing me and all my callous' are in bad shape.

Btw, NOT looking forward to 8 sets with squats Saturday though I don't mind telling you! Haha.

I'm usually good for 5+chin-ups, but no chance of that today. The 3s sets were ridiculously hard. Still, no where to go but up.

Hills were absolutely brutal, but was running out of time so wanted to try some short rest and see how that plays out.

There you go. Onward and upward.
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