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Tuesday, 9-17-13
Week 9, Day 3
Aux Day

Started today, took 1 D-Pol with breakfast. Condense on the drive to the gym. Kind of a weird day, I usually W/O at home, but a young kid I know from work wanted me to help him get started on a W/O routine at his gym, so for the first time, I went to a commercial gym to workout.

Condense...first off TASTE...Crisp Apple was the flavor...and it was pretty good...still had a little aftertast that let you know it is a PWO, but the first and only PWO I did not have to add a crystal light flavor to get it down. Overall, decent apple flavor, reminded me of biting into these apples that grew in our backyard when I was a kid.

Only 1 scoop for the first time, didnt feel any tingle. I will try 1 scoop again today, then try upping the dosage if need be next time.

Probably not the best time to start it out, my W/O was out of the ordinary since I spent most of it coaching the young guy, but I did do rather well in my routine, be it plenty of rest between exercises. When I was done, I really felt like I didnt do, later on at home...totally different feel. When I got in bed, I felt like I had a REALLY HEAVY workout, I was WORN OUT!! Was it just the out of the ordinary workout I did, or was I focused more, from the Condense, than usual, and didnt realize I did as much as I did. Hard to say, but I will be examining this in the future.

Also, I got a pretty big "PUMP" which I am not usually going after, but I did get.

On a completly unrelated note.....everything I see others post about the "BRO's" in the gym was true....there were 13 other guys in the free weight area.....1 doing squats...poorly, but at least he was doing them, 1 doing what looked like a full body routine.....and 11 doing "Arm Day"....1 Bro was curling when I got there....and curling when I left, about 1.5 hours later.

Also, despite advertising as being a "Weight Lifter friendly Gym" Big sign.."No Deadlifting...No Chalk...No Exceptions" I showed the kid how to deadlift one said a thing.
Best Gym Lifts...Dosen't matter....they don't count!

Best Meet Lifts:
Squat = 330
Bench = 215
Dead = 375
Total = 904

The iron is there during my times of happiness, sadness and anger. The iron is there available through the 4 seasons and inclement weather. The iron is there to either comfort me or motivate me. The Iron manages to show me how strong I am or how humble I need to be. The iron does not yell, but it always demands respect. The iron is not a disciplinarian, but when disrespected, I feel it for a long time. The iron does not love or hate, but we definitely share a strong bond. And no matter how far I stay away or for how long, the iron is there, waiting to be lifted.
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