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Here's the full review:

The main purpose of Anabolic Innovations Glycobol is to increase insulin levels, resulting in muscle growth and strength increases.

Product Claims vs. Personal Results

* Promotes muscle mass, strength and endurance. This product worked very well in the strength and endurance area.

* Encourages fat loss. I did indeed lose 2 inches off my waist even when on a bulking diet

* Improves recovery time by rapid glycogen resynthesis. I had more endurance in the gym, especially in the later sets.

* Provides lasting “pump”, hardness and vascularity. Very, very good in this area. This has a very nice effect on muscle fullness.

* Drives amino acid and creatine uptake into muscle. I stacked this with Kre-Alkalyn and it did seem to work better than last time.

* Increases muscle protein synthesis and inhibits breakdown. I had noticeable size gains.

* Maximizes nutrient utilization. This is tough to tell without a lab test, but I felt like I utilized everything I ate.

* Potent synergism with endogenous endocrine hormones. Once again, this is hard to tell without lab testing.

Strength: The Strength aspect of this product is pretty real. I noticed an increase in competition weights almost immediately upon dosing with my Pre-Workout meal of steel cut oats and scoop of whey. I took 2 caps 90-120 minutes before working out with approx. 50-75G CHO 4-5 times a week.

Endurance: When dosing and partaking in cardio following my one hour weight lifting session, I felt everything was “easier”, had more energy to go longer and recovered better.

Bloating: Usually when I eat high amounts of carbs on a bulk, I get a bloated feeling. With Glycobol, you will not experience consistent bloating. There were some occasions where I did feel bloating but overall this was nonexistent.

Pumps: The food pump you receive from this is pretty nice not to mention taking it Pre-Workout. I would go between 2 caps each larger meal twice a day on workout days and 1 cap on non workout days.

Leaning: This is where Glycobol shines the most. I started this cycle with a 33.5 inch waist and after 30 days I was down to a 31.5 inch waist!! I did not think that would be possible while gaining 5 lbs of lean mass but it is, especially on a bulk.

I’d definitely recommend Glycobol for a Recomp, Bulk or Cut. I think it would even be beneficial for a Post Cycle Therapy due to the antioxidant properties and the strength aspects. I will definitely be picking up a couple of bottles for future use. There isn’t any noticeable fat gain, only muscle, which is a pleasant surprise with the high amount of carbs that you eat with it.

VALUE: 9.3 (I felt that it was priced very well for a product this effective)

EFFECTIVENESS: 9.6 (True, are large part of any supplement is a great diet, but gaining 5 lbs with a non hormonal product in a little over a month is an A+ in my book)

OVERALL: 9.5 (I was very pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone that is looking to add lean mass or recomp)

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