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Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
You're concerned because he's 50y/o (like 50y/o: could mean he's 40 something)? That may mean that he has a lot of good information to pass along, certainly probably more than a teen would, so he has knowledge on his side, possibly (since we don't know him).

The fact that you barely know each other would be no different if he were a teen that you barely knew either.

Obviously, watch out for the weirdos, they're everywhere in every age group (literally every age group), but other than that if he has information that helps you get where you want then you'll have to decided whether you can handle being around someone older; I guess.
Yeh, he used to compete and he trains with some huge 20 years old dude which he is a great guy but he doesn't always trains in my gym, sometime he goes to others...
Also, the older dude always seems cranky and angry lol sometimes he creeps me out.
I hate the weirdos... They are all the time ask me to flex O_o
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