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Originally Posted by CODY_SNIDER View Post
That's rare. I have yet to find a powerlifter not willing to help. The main thing those guys taught me was how to attack every set. I wish I would have kept a log back then because I honestly couldn't tell you what kind of progression we used or if it was even planed. I know we lifted five or six days out of the week and worked a different muscle group(s) everyday. But the main idea was to hit that muscle group hard always using different exercises. We used a lot of pyramid sets, negatives, forced reps etc.. I really built a good base for powerlifting this way. My bench climbed from around 250 to the upper 3s in those few years and I grew like a weed.
They are helping me if I need and give me an advice or two once in a while but it's not like they-mostly one guy, actually train me and it's to weird for me, he's like 50 years old and we barely know each other...
I read a lot but I wish there was there someone skilled I know to guide me
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