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Tann, I think you are right about this being very good for dialing in form. Squats are starting to slow down in my mind as I do them and I have now realized how to push out sort of with the sides of my feet on the way up. JB had mentioned something like this, but I knew my knees were out fine and didn't know what he was talking about. Well turns out it's not so much making sure your knees are out, you also need to sort of drive your legs out too. Makes driving up much easier, engages butt better, etc. Also, on deadlifts I feel like I have learned to drive my heels down better to initiate the break from the floor better, and stay tighter longer keeping the bar in tighter, etc.

As for the volume x frequency, we'll see. I was not looking forward to today, but once I got going I got steadily better as I went along. We'll see after a few weeks.

And thanks fellas!! Rolling along.

Yesterday I was pretty tired, but needed to do something to stay on track.

Jump rope x 3 AMAP
Shrugs: 4x 10x 275 (slow and squeeze kind)
Thrusters w/ just bar: 11, 11, 9, 8, 8 (10 sec rest between sets)

Some stretching and called it a day.

*Thrusters are a front squat into a push press. And before you giggle about the puny weight used, you should try these on short rests!! Holy Moly! I just laid on the floor afterwards. I was supposed to do four minutes, but barely made 2.5! The idea is from Dan John. 20 sec of an exercise, 10 sec rest and repeat for 4 minutes. Oof! I thought it was a joke. I'm not laughing anymore.

Friday, week 1 in the books.

warmups: 3x 6x various jumps

7x 5x 230 (felt horrible until 4th set, then got better)

6x 6x 170 all paused. (Easy, might have to bump this)

8x 5x 235 (Finally an 8 setter! Very pleased)

Some stretching and that's it.

Family movie night tonite. I'll catch up with you all on the weekend. Onward and upward.
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