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Maz is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by bamazav View Post
So since April you have added:

180lbs to you squat
115 to your bench
250 to your deadlift

I say added because SL starts you with an empty bar. Great progress in 5 months. i would love that progress, ride it! I would also note that you have not yet reached the strength goals that Mehdi recommends before changing things up. At any rate, It appears that you ARE progressing well. I would stay with what is working. The deloads and resets are part of the process. You could micro load for brief stalls, but I wouldn't change anything until I have gone at least a month or more with no forward progress.
I've had no significant progress in 1-2 months. I've lifted a little more on those random good days, but those are the numbers I can't seem to get far beyond. I deload and end up stalling at the same weights. The deadlift still seems to be going well though. I read logs of other people who have done SL or Starting Stength for around the same amount of time and are lifting much more, at less bodyweight too. I have worked on my form a lot and while it may or be perfect, I'm sure it's not primarily what's holding me back.

PHAT is indeed too much volume, but SL is too little. I don't like not focusing on the main lifts either. But it's a good change for a couple weeks until I can find something new to continue progressing. That Korte 3x3 looks gnarly... all three lifts three days a week? Youch! I like doing some alternate lifts on PHAT, ie dumbbell press instead of OHP, but think I should be doing those to supplement not replace. 531 looks good but I think I could make faster progress. If I can reach my 1000 goal by January maybe I can start 531 then.
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